Thursday, September 17, 2015

ATS Picks Week 2

Well boys and girls, week one is always tough. I ended up at .500 going 8-8 against the spread last week. A few games could have gone the other way, but didn' I get what I get and that's 8-8. Splitting games down the middle sucks! It's like kissing your sister (or your brother)!

Week 2 Power Rankings

We're going to get back up on our horse this week and keep on truckin'!

Here we go!

Peyton Manning has had a lot of success against the Chiefs, but I think the Chiefs are now a better team and it was clear last week that Manning is not the same QB that he used to be.

Boy the Panthers defense is tough. They may be without Kuechly, but the Texans QB issues will show again this week.

6.5 points is a lot of points, but I still think the Steelers take this game by at least a touchdown. Williams filled in for Bell nicely last week, but the 49ers defense looked tougher. I expect the Steelers to feature the passing a game a bit more this week.

10 points is a huge spread in the NFL, but Winston's struggles last week were obvious. I don't think he figures it out in week 2. I'll take the Saints at home by two touchdowns.

If Bridgewater doesn't get his stuff together then it's going to be a long season for the Vikings. The Lions will focus on AP and make Teddy beat them through the air. He won't.

The Cardinals, for some reason, get no love. They're a tough team and with a healthy Carson Palmer they are a top ten team.

I keep going back and forth on this one, but I'll settle on Brady and Belichick. This game could go either way as the Bills defense looked good. I just can't bring myself to take Tyrod Taylor over Brady...can't do it. 

Jeremy Hill was down last week and I think he rebounds here. Bengals by 6.

Mariota over Manziel. The Browns aren't that bad, but Manziel will find a way for them to lose. Mariota will continue to use his accuracy on short throws to his TE Dalanie Walker and hiw wideouts to move the football. Sankey has also elevated his game. 

The Falcons start 2-0 with a win on the road against Eli and the Giants. The Matt Ryan and Julio Jones show is too much for New York and Tevin Coleman continues to play well.

The Redskins are not a real NFL team. They don't have an NFL QB on the roster and the Rams front line will dominate this game. Rams by 20 on the road.

This is too many points for a road team that barely got by the Redskins last week. The Jaguars ran into a tough Carolina team, but will win at home here in the battle for bragging rights in Florida.

Ravens win this game on the road, but not by 6. I'm not impressed with either team.

The Eagles looked really good last week and should have won that game against the Falcons. They will get revenge this week and the Cowboys just happen to be in the way. Too many injuries piling up in Dallas...Eagle by two least.

The Seahawks dominated Aaron Rodgers and the Packers in last year's opener. The NFC Championship game was dominated by the Packers, but the Hawks stole a victory. I think the Packers win, but they won't cover.

Andrew Luck was shut down last week against a tough Bills defense. He will rise back to the top this week and throw for over 300 yards and 3 touchdowns leading the Colts to a blowout at home.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Blue Thunder Sports NFL Power Rankings Week 2

Week 1 is in the books! Man, it feels good to have football back again, doesn’t it? After week 1 we’ve learned that the Patriots are still the Patriots and the Redskins are still the Redskins. How about some stellar outings from the 49ers, Rams, and Bills? Mariota v. Winston was fun. We got two games on Monday night.

For the teams that started 1-0, things look great and they are on their way to an undefeated, championship season. For those that started 0-1, its only one game and there’s a lot of football left to be played...this week will be different, right??

Here's last weeks power rankings.

Here are this weeks picks against the spread.

Let’s take a look at the updated power rankings for week 2...

(Last Week) Record Next Opponent Notes

  1. (2)    Patriots 1-0 @ Bills Looked strong - deserves #1
  2. (3)    Packers 1-0 Seahawks Jordy who?
  3. (4)    Steelers 0-1 49ers Played well, w/ Bell they’re tougher
  4. (6)    Cowboys 1-0 @ Eagles Snuck by the Giants-Dez is out
  5. (1)    Seahawks 0-1 @ Packers Tough road loss - They need Kam
  6. (10)  Cardinals 1-0 @ Bears Nice to have a healthy starting QB
  7. (7)    Broncos 1-0 @ Chiefs Does Peyton still have it?
  8. (11)  Bengals 1-0 Chargers Won when they should have
  9. (17)  Bills 1-0 Patriots Looked very stong - I was wrong
  10. (5)    Colts 0-1 Jets Poor start against tough Bills team
  11. (13)  Dolphins 1-0 @ Jaguars Everyone beats Washington
  12. (19)  Rams 1-0 @ Redskins Escaped with a win - never quit.
  13. (9)    Eagles 0-1 Cowboys Tough loss to ATL-should have won
  14. (8)    Ravens 0-1 @ Raiders Week 2 will be more telling...TBD
  15. (16)  Chargers 1-0 @ Bengals Strong win vs. Det.
  16. (15)  Panthers 1-0 Texans D looked good, but against Jags
  17. (20)  Jets 1-0 @ Colts Dominated Cleveland
  18. (18)  Chiefs 1-0 Broncos Is this Alex Smith’s year?
  19. (12)  Lions 0-1 @ Vikings Couldn’t hang on the road...
  20. (27)  49ers 1-0 @ Steelers Looked very good - surprising
  21. (25)  Falcons 1-0 @ Giants Won a game they should have lost
  22. (23)  Giants 0-1 Falcons Tough loss to a rival on the road
  23. (21)  Saints 0-1 Buccaneers Declining
  24. (22)  Texans 0-1 @ Panthers QB issues...won’t be solved in wk 2
  25. (14)  Vikings 0-1 Lions Man, what happened?? Ugh...
  26. (31)  Titans 1-0 @ Browns Played well against bad team
  27. (26)  Jaguars 0-1 Dolphins Ran into strong D-how ‘bout another
  28. (24)  Browns 0-1 Titans And the losing continues...
  29. (28)  Bears 0-1 Cardinals Decent, but not enough against GB
  30. (29)  Raiders 0-1 Ravens Still the Raiders...should have known
  31. (30)  Buccaneers 0-1 @ Saints More int’s from Winston, surprise!
  32. (32)  Redskins 0-1 Rams The dumpster fire flames on