Friday, February 7, 2014

Fantasy Football Friday!

Its Fantasy Football Friday!

Its never too soon to prepare for the fantasy football season. This week, on Fantasy Football Friday, I'm bringing you some Blue Thunder Sports predictions for this next season. I'm usually right, but in the off chance that I miss one here or there we'll stick to calling them predictions rather than guarantees.

1. Ray Rice will be a top 10 fantasy RB - Rice fell off this last season putting up less than 1000 total yards and only 4 tds. He will rebound in 2014 and hit 1500 total yards and at least 12 tds.

2. Frank Gore will rush for under 1000 yds - Gore hasn't missed the 1000 yd mark since 2010. He'll be 31 by the start of next season and with a healthy Marcus Lattimore stealing carries Gore will miss the 1000 yd mark.

3. Johnny Manziel's ADP will be WAY TOO HIGH - Manziel may some day be a valuable fantasy weapon with the combination of his arm and his legs...but that won't be in 2014. Some nut in your league will draft him within the first 5 rounds....don't let that nut be you!

4. Rob Gronkowski will play the whole season - Gronkowski has been slightly injury prone over the last few 2014 he will make one lucky owner VERY happy with a return to the class of TE elite...draft him (unless you can get Jimmy Graham)!

5. RG3 will be RG3 again - RG3 had a not-so-RG3 season in 2013, but let's not forget that he was coming off a torn ACL while playing for a terrible team and a coach who didn't properly use his skills. With a new coach in town and healthy legs RG3 will return to his old RG3 ways and be RG3 again.......RG3 RG3 RG3.

6. Peyton Manning will be the highest scoring fantasy QB - Duh.....

7. Eddie Lacy will be a top 3 RB - We all saw how talented Lacy was in 2013. There is no reason to believe that he will slow down. His numbers will only get better...I project 1400 yds rushing and 14 rushing tds. Draft him very early...he may even lead the league in rushing!

8. Matt Ryan will become the 6th QB to throw for 5,000 yards - Ryan will get Julio Jones and Roddy White back at full strength in 2014. Once Atlanta finds a RB in the offseason to replace the aging Steven Jackson they will have a ground game again...which will open up the field for Ryan to shred the defensive secondary (except Seattle).

9. The NFC West will have the top 4 defenses - Seattle, San Francisco, Arizona, and St. Louis will all be very, very good defenses in 2014. This division is full of dominant pass rushers, elite linebackers, and Super Bowl winning secondaries.

10. I will defend my 2013 fantasy title - This one is probably the most obvious on this can take that to the bank!

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