Monday, February 10, 2014

All Blue Thunder Team (Offense)

John Madden has his "All-Madden" team...we've all used them while playing Madden and thought to ourselves "Hey...where's (insert player)? He should be on this team!" Well...I've thought the same thing.

Blue Thunder Sports presents it's All Blue Thunder Team. This installment gives you the offense. The starting lineup is pictured followed by the rest of the offensive depth chart.  The biggest challenge was deciding on a base formation...3 or 4 WR's? Should there be a FB? I went with a 3WR, single back formation and left out the FB. There is a FB on the roster, but in today's pass-first NFL I opted to field the extra wide out.

So...without further ado...

The All Blue Thunder Team (Offense)
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Head Coach
Bill Belichick

Depth Chart
QB1 Tom Brady
QB2 John Elway

RB1 Barry Sanders
RB2 Walter Payton

FB Jim Brown

WR1 Jerry Rice
WR2 Randy Moss
WR3 Terrell Owens
WR4 Steve Largent
WR5 Calvin Johnson

TE1 Tony Gonzalez
TE2 Shannon Sharpe

LT1 Anthony Munoz
LT2 Jonathan Ogden

LG1 Randall McDaniel
LG2 Gene Upshaw

C1 Mike Webster
C2 Jim Otto

RG1 Bruce Matthews
RG2 Mike Munchak

RT1 John Hannah
RT2 Art Shell

Do you see somebody that you think should have made the team? Would you adjust the starting lineup? Let me know what you think! I'll take this team up against any 11 on any given Sunday (no...Willie Beamen didn't make it)!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the defense!


  1. No Bo Jackson? So disappointed..... Man. ...

  2. Chris, I couldn't agree with you more. If Bo would have only played football he could have been he best running back ever. Behind this offensive line he would have rushed for 5000 yards in a season.

  3. Terrell Owens was good but not quite the caliber of some others excluded from this list. Cris Carter (Vikings), Charlie Joiner (Redskins), and where is Dan Marino? If you judged QBs by Super Bowls, how can you exclude Montana, or Aikman.