Tuesday, February 11, 2014

All Blue Thunder Team (Defense)

Yesterday I unveiled the All Blue Thunder Team starting with the offensive side of the ball. As great as that offense would be it is the defense that would scare me the most. The All Blue Thunder Team's defense is a 4-4 that features fear at every position. Running would be next to impossible...and if the QB could get the pass off with the ferocious pass rush he would likely be throwing to blanketed WR's that couldn't get open!

The defensive unit was not difficult to select. As with the offense I tend to favor players who played more recently as they are bigger, faster, and stronger. As you'll see there are still some players that are "throw backs" that are just too good to leave off this team. We may not see guys that match the tenacity and killer instinct that a lot of the older players had.

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All Blue Thunder Team defense
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Depth Chart - Starters in bold
Reggie White
Carl Eller

Bruce Smith
Gino Marchetti

Joe Greene
Warren Sapp

Deacon Jones
Alan Page

Jack Lambert
Dick Butkus

Mike Singletary
Ray Nitschke

Lawrence Taylor
Junior Seau

Derrick Thomas
Rickey Jackson

Dieon Sanders
Rod Woodson

Mel Blount
Darrel Green

Ronnie Lott

There you have it...the All Blue Thunder Team defense. Perhaps you disagree with the depth chart? Let me know! Leave a comment!

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  1. Possible back ups to Ronnie Lott: Jack Tatum (Raiders), Steve Atwater(Broncos), Ed Reed (Ravens), or Troy Polomalu (Steelers).