Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Top 5 QBs of all time

For those of you that know me you already know that I am a die hard Seahawks fan and would love nothing more than to see them pound Peyton Manning and the Broncos in the Super Bowl. HOWEVER, with all the talk of Peyton Manning's legacy recently I think it's worth discussing where he fits in among the all-time greats at the QB position. Without further is my list of the greatest QB's of all time.

1. Tom Brady - Yeah..that's right. Tom Brady. 3 Super Bowls, 7th all time in passing yards, 5th all time in passing tds. 3rd among all QB's in career wins. He's accomplished all of this without the help of any elite talent at the receiver position. He had Randy Moss for a season or so, but other than that he's had nothing on the outside. He was recently voted as the least liked QB in the NFL. You know what they say...if people hate you then you must be doing something right!

2. John Elway - What a gamer. Elway had a great career in Denver and is the definition of a competitor. A two-time Super Bowl champion that has the stats to go along with the wins (4th all time). John Elway threw for over 51,000 yards (4th all time) and 300 tds (7th). He made the players around him better.

3. Joe Montana - He may not have as many wins, yards, or tds as some other QB's on this list, but Joe Montana is the greatest leader to play football. He was 4 for 4 in the Super Bowl and put San Fran on the map. He was Tom Brady before Tom Brady and many think he is the greatest of all time.....but I don't.

4. Peyton Manning - If Manning pulls out a Super Bowl win in two weeks against the NFL's top defense of the 2013 season he will jump to the top of this list. As I write this he only has one ring. I have no problem moving him to #1 if he gets his second this year. If he plays another 2 years he will most likely end his career with the most td passes, the most passing yards, and the most wins of any QB to ever play the game. He also may add another Super Bowl ring to his collection. There is no question that he is statistically the greatest to ever play under center, but in order to cement his status at the top he'll need to prove himself to be a champion.

5. Dan Marino - I know, I know...Dan Marino never won a Super Bowl. I don't care. Dan Marino is without question the greatest thrower of the football that has ever lived in this universe. He never threw to any big name receivers, but retired as the all time leader in yards and tds. If Marino had one a couple of rings then everyone would agree that he would be at the top of this list...does that mean that we simply take him out of the debate entirely?? No...absolutely not.

My dad would be pissed that this list didn't include Terry Bradshaw or Johnny Unitas, but the fact remains that they are outside of my top 5. Other top QB's that I left off that you may think belong include Brett Favre, Steve Young, Drew Brees.

If anyone tries to argue that Dan Fouts belongs in the conversation then they are just crazy.....not sure why he came to mind, but Fouts was extremely overrated...just like Namath!

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