Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Super Bowl XLVIII Guarantee!

***Post Super Bowl update to this post - Turns out the Seahawks ended up wearing white....they must have read the Blue Thunder Sports worked! ;)  

Super Bowl XLVIII is right around the corner. We are less than 4 days away from kickoff. Peyton Manning is still addressing questions about his legacy and Marshawn Lynch isn't addressing anyone at all. Russell Wilson is being compared to (arguably) the greatest QB of all time, and Percy Harvin is rumored to be prepared to play EVERY snap. There are so many story lines heading into the weekend that its hard to keep track!

  Well here is one more thing to keep your eye on during the big game on Sunday...

  The Broncos, playing as the home team this weekend, have chosen to wear their orange uniforms while Seattle will opt for white. 

Why does this matter?

  11 of the last 15 Super Bowl winners wore their white away uniforms, including the John Elway led Broncos in Super Bowl XXXIII against Atlanta. The last time Seattle played in the Super Bowl was in XL against the Steelers...Seattle wore blue. The only four teams to pull off the win while wearing their home colors were the Patriots in XXXVI led by a young and unknown Tom Brady, The Bucs in XXXVII and their vaunted Tampa 2 defense, the dynasty-bound Patriots in XXXVIII, and the Packers in XLV 4 years ago. This means that only one team in the last 9 Super Bowls has won while wearing their home colors.

  Here is a Super Bowl guarantee that even Joe Namath can be proud of - a team wearing home colors will win the Super Bowl this year! What a shocker! Only the second team in the last decade to pull of such a feat!

  Some may argue that this means Denver should be favored as their orange uniforms are closer to white than the Seahawks blue, but I'm sticking with my original pick of Seattle over Denver!

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